Simply Neutrals... Wednesday :) #15

Well hello hello,
I guess I forgot something yesterday...

shabby white card by AppleApricot

You know,
some days it's raining outside...

... and you're happily stitching away...

... and completely forget about the world around you?

Well, yesterday was not such a day,
except for the rain perhaps,
nor was the day before yesterday.

I just forgot.

Oops :)

Features of last party

Dear Dorthe of Den Lille Lade has once again made a gorgeous and sweet doll girl,
which obviously I had to share here.

I love her sweet and comforting countenance.

She's wearing the most beautiful white dress
and neutral toned cape to keep her warm,

all made of gorgeous laces.
Adorned with beautiful bling bling,
on her dress and in her most gorgeous curly hair.

And her beautiful laced boots!

And while we're at it,
on to our next top model, here's Edwina bear,
created by Jesse of Lace Age Girl.

She's wearing another beautiful white dress,
but ladies, just look at the gorgeous hat Jesse made her!

Beautiful work Jesse!

Okay, on to something completely different!

made this awesome and beautiful tag I just had to share!

I love it!
And I love the way she displayed them for the photos,
with the medicine bottles and so on surrounding it.

Wonderful work ladies!

Here's your blog button.

On to this week's party!


Dear Jesse of Lace Age Girl shared with us a very handy hint,
which I will share with you here today as well.
Jesse in her own words:

"P.S. A little hint for those new to blogging (like me!), I've noticed that when I return to past Simply Neutrals posts, some of my links didn't link back to the actual #post on Wen's blog, or to my own #post, so make sure you click on the post title to get the specific link address to use, rather than the main address of the blog. Otherwise you have to search manually for it and others who may be browsing our blogs can't easily find the posts."

Thank you Jesse!

If you have trouble doing so, then I hope I can be of some help HERE.


What neutral coloured beauty did you find or make or buy or receive?

Post anything in neutral colours,
be it cream, white, grey, beige, silver and/or brown.

A creation you made or received, home decoration, a statue or architecture, or anything out there that you were allowed to take a photo of.


  1. Oh dear Wen,
    I thought perhaps something like that had happened. I was thinking of contacting you today, to make sure all is well: )
    Glad it was just a forgetful little hiccup!
    Love your contributions for this week! and always enjoy your 'Features' from the previous Link up! (am @ wk and running short of time - hope to comment in detail later) Thanks for all you do~ Karen

  2. Hello, sweet Wen! How I adore visiting your lovely blog as I know there will always be beautiful inspiration.

    The features are simply delightful! That bear is precious and the doll has so much sweet detail.

    Thinking of you and wishing you a wonderful remainder of your week. Hugs!

  3. Glad to see the blog post up, I was wondering what had happened. Lovely post as always, hugs, Valerie

  4. Hi Wen,

    I'm so glad you forgot! I am in holiday mode, tidying up, belated spring-cleaning and taking kids to the beach. (I even got sunburned today in our 33 degree heat!) I've been away for a week visiting family, too, so I'm not very organised.

    Thank you for featuring my bear Edwina and her hat. I loved Dorthe's sweet lacy doll and Liz's interesting medical tag with her bottles which I wasn't sure if they were real or cut out!

    I'm glad you have had time to lose yourself in your sewing...


  5. My dearest Wen, So glad you are here, lol- showing your beautiful card, I love that image- and the amazing rainy ,and stormy photo from outside your cosy home. Lovely materials brought forward to spend time sewing .
    Thank you my friend ,for showing the doll, so beautifully, here, I so enjoyed reviewing Jesse`s adorable dressed bear, and Liz`s amazing tag- it is really wonderful.
    Wishing you a beautiful rest of the week, sweetie.
    Hugs from Dorthe

  6. Oh yeah, we need such days, were we can forgot about the world around us!
    (what a luck, that no bad thing has happened - )
    I like your rainy photo, it's well captured.
    Have a good time :-)

  7. Hi Wen,
    so glad everything is fine with you:)Love all you featured today and your journal is simply beautiful. Have a lovely evening.
    Hugs to you,

  8. I believe it is unanimous that Jauary days are passing all too quickly. I certainly cannot keep track of the days. Lovely Neutrals shared. I shall visit the links and enjoy some Calm Peaceful Creative Bliss. Thank you dear...

  9. Haha Wendy so glad Im not the only one who does this :) I love the creations, always blessed when I stop by!

  10. The days can sure get away from us can't they, looks like you have a pretty project going there. I have something in the works soon :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. As long as you can still remember who you are, what does the day matter?! heehee
    Lovely pieces and love to see you your work space in progress!
    OMGosh that tag is too cool! I just love it as well!!
    Have a beautiful weekend Wen!
    xo Jackie

  12. Forgetting is allowed! Just glad you're OK. Have a great week! Hugs, Sue


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