Simply Neutrals #013 ;)

Hello sweet friends,

First of all a big thank you for all of you who made the Simply Neutrals parties such a happy gathering, filled with beauty and love!

This week's Simply Neutrals will be the last for the year 2015.
The next one will be on Tuesday the 5th of January.

From a weekly party it will change to a twice-a-month party. Every month there will be two parties: on the first and third Tuesdays of the month. I will add a calendar on my sidebar so we'll easily see when's the next party.


For this week I chose some photos I took on a Christmas Fair two years ago.

If you visited my other blog, you might have seen this gorgeous castle and its beautiful gardens which is close to our home and where I love visiting.

If you haven't seen my post on this fairy tale castle yet, you can see it HERE.

Every year there is a Christmas Fair, country living style.

They sell all kind of goods,
but of course the focus is on Christmas.


Features of last week

Here are some of the photos that caught my eye in the party last week.


(Just click on the name of the blogs mentioned.)

Everyone has made a great effort in creating, photographing and writing blog posts
and I want all credit to go to the owners of these photos.
So please pin these photos from their blogs and not mine.

First I'd like to share with you the stunning journal
Suzy of suziqusthreadworks shared with us.
This particular journal is one of my all time favourites.

It is a journal in which she's experimenting with mixed media
after a workshop of Nellie Wortman.

I love the whole feel of it. It's so peaceful.

Suzy's journal "Through Winter's Door" brings me to another door...

which is photographed by Mascha of Maschas Buch.

A beautiful door with iron work...

And she also shared this great photo of a beautiful stone ornament.

Speaking of ornaments...

Marie of Lost Bird Studios (and also HERE) shared these gorgeous soldered ornaments.

Her soldering work is just stunning.
And I love how she makes these gorgeous vignettes with them.

She also shared this beautiful Christmas tree bottle.

Which makes the circle of this week complete,
bringing us back to where we started,
it being Christmas in only a few weeks!

Sweeties, here's your button:

It's a very busy time here.
We not only celebrate Christmas here in the Netherlands,
but also Sinterklaas, a typical Dutch celebration.
It's especially for the children.
Which means a whole lot of work for the parents :)
But of course we grown-ups enjoy the celebrations very much as well.

If I haven't been visiting your blog lately,
then please know I will do my best,
but am a bit restricted in time at the moment.


Simply Neutrals #013 party time!

What neutral coloured beauty did you find or make or buy or receive?

Post anything in neutral colours,
be it cream, white, grey, beige, silver and/or brown.

A creation you made or received, home decoration, a statue or architecture, or anything out there that you were allowed to take a photo of.


  1. What a lovely post- so happy to have discovered your delightful blog :)

  2. Hi Wen,
    I made it early this time! And I just realised I linked to my blog and not to the post, but I can't work out how to change it! Sorry.I'll be more careful next time. Slap wrist.

    Your fairytale castle is gorgeous. How lucky you are to have it nearby to visit. The Christmas market looks fun and full of beautiful wares.

    Suzy's book is to die for, a stunner indeed. She surpasses herself each time. And Mascha's door was so ornate. Marie's soldered ornaments were divine, and I enjoyed looking at everyone's posts.

    Have a wonderful Christmas break, and may the good you do come back to you tenfold!


  3. Great photos, Wen. Looking forward to The Party next year. In the meantime, I hope that this holiday season brings you much joy with loved ones. Hugs, Sue

  4. I am loving everything you have shared. The markets are amazing...I wish they had those here...also love your gorgeous book you are creating. I have missed participating. No reason other then being overwhelmed. I hope you have a nice holiday and look forward to more in January!

  5. Hi Wen,
    You have really made this a special place to be in Blogland; "Simply Neutrals Tuesday"! and I'm glad I was able to find you and all the beautiful artists that meet up here to share. I love your post! The Fair looks like something I would L O V E to visit someday : ) and the atmosphere seems enchanting. What a fun shopping experience! TFS
    Your 'Features' from last week are inspiring and beautiful~ I learn so much from studying these great ladies' work! And it fuels me to keep creating. Have a blessed week ahead! ~ Karen O

  6. I'm thrilled to be joining you again today Wen. I love your linkup and it's theme. Mimi xxx

  7. Looks like a wonderful place to make a christmas market dear Wen, and with lovely items to buy,too. What a special castle to have near you .
    The amazing creastions from Suzy, Marie, and Mascha are wonderful to review , they are all so beautiful !!
    Have a lovely week, my friend !!
    Hugs Dorthe

  8. Such a beautiful post! I love your features! Now off to check out the link ups!

  9. Dear Wen

    The dressed entrance way to the castle feels like walking into Fairyland!
    I wold love to in Europe this month and visit the Christmas markets.... a dream!

    Such beautiful posts from Suzy and Marie - there's always so much inspiration on your blog and posts - thank you!

    I was delighted when I read a week or so ago that you were thinking about a monthly party - this would suit me as I'm unable to share every week because of work and other commitments.
    I'll try and join you each fortnight as this my favourite party!

    Shane x

  10. Hi Wen
    Oh thank you soooo much for appreciating my "Through Winter's Door" journal so much enough to feature it in your party along with Marie's beautiful pendants and Mascha's amazing photography.
    That castle market looks so very beautiful. I bet you had the best time there.
    Thank you Wen for being our perfect host over these last 13 weeks and I look forward to being here again in the New Year again!
    Loving and warm hugs,

  11. As always, it's such a delight to see the treasures that are posted at the party. Most of my work is done in jewel tones so I can't always play along, but that's not to say I don't love seeing the neutral inspirations!

  12. Beautiful photos. Hugs, Valerie

  13. Hi Wendy,hope you are fine, I saw your topic in the blog outlook I join in with some Christmas decoration...

  14. Lovely photos Wen ... That fair looks like a place I would enjoy very much!

  15. Love your photos, that looks like a great Christmas fair. Reminds me of when we lived in England and went to one in the summer time on some grounds of an estate but can't remember where it was. Great displays they have.

  16. Such lovely shares Wen! I must say I always get such a peaceful feeling reading your posts-thank you!
    Enjoy your holidays and do not worry about visiting others- these times are only for a short period-enjoy while you can!
    warm wishes,

  17. What a magical place for a Christmas fair, dear Wen. Thank you so much for the feature:)
    Have a lovely Holiday Season.
    Hugs and love,


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