A happy sewing machine buzzing away

Hello sweeties,

First of all a big thank you for the sweet and enthusiastic replies I got so far when announcing the Simply Neutrals Tuesday party. I'm thrilled to hear you like the idea!

Still 5 days to go to get your neutrals post ready :)

My sewing machine has been happily buzzing away as I'm still busy with my fabric book that I mentioned a little earlier. Here's a peek at how I got so far:

Fabric book work in progress by AppleApricot

More photos of my book in the making you can find HERE and HERE.

The book is filled with laces and fabrics old and new. Some lovely civil war era photos of beautiful ladies and girls. And I added some paper pages too. But I still have a lot of work to do to get it finished.

As a guide to my making of the book is a fabulous workshop by Nellie Wortman of Early Morning Thoughts. (By the way, I so totally love the name of her blog!) You can find her workshop and others HERE.

Counting down to the party and can't wait to see what my dear blog buddies come up with at

the 8th of September! (That's next week...)

Come join us too!

By the way...

What do you think of this lighter blog button?

For now, happy day to you!

xx Wen


  1. Your pages are looking so intriguing - I love the old images you used. Gave me an idea for additions to the fabric book class I'm taking later this month. I have a bunch of old family pictures that look similar to yours (and, surprisingly, I know who most of them were).

  2. Lovely book you are creating. The fabrics, laces and photos really combine together beautifully. Looking forward to Tuesday Neutrals.

  3. Firstly welcome back to OBW!! Your book is looking terrific and I'm so lucky to own one of your beauties! Love the blog button by the way!

  4. Gorgeous fabric book! So inspiring! I like both blog buttons!

  5. Your book looks amazing,,,and I love the lighter blog button :)

  6. Hi Wen,

    What a beautiful book this will be. Nellie Wortman is interesting inspiration, isn't she?


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