Once upon a time...

... a girl named Wen
found a little wooden box in a closet of her Mom's.

You might ask, who's business is it to be rummaging through someone else's stuff?
And you're so right.
But she couldn't help herself.

The collection of beautiful fabrics and colourful threads caught her attention
and was too tempting to be ignored.

Before she knew it
she found herself dug deep in soft and colourful piles of yummyness.

That's when she happened upon the little wooden box.
"Crochet Hooks" it had said on the lid.

Some tongue-out-of-mouth hours,
several misshaped attempts,
months of denying the existence of any hook

and some more misshaped attempts later
flowers began to appear on her hook.

Her heart leaped for joy.

This is the moment she knew
there was no way she could go back to her peaceful pre-hooked life.

Frantically she created flower after flower.

Even a little doily.

And a granny square.

Now the only sensible thing this girl can do
is making her Mom some loveliness.

By the way
these crochet hooks are antique...

They belonged to my great-grandmother.

Also with the hooks came this thingie...

It's a measuring thingie of sorts.


Now, what else is in that closet...

xx Wen

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  1. I learned how to knit from my grandmother and have her knitting bag. I love finding items that our family used and touched daily. I also have my aunts sewing kit. Love your collection and that you use it. Di@Cottage-wishes

  2. Oh, I have hooks that belonged to my grandmother and I cherish them. Crochet hooks were little works of art back then. Your crocheting is lovely, the granny square so appropriate!

  3. What beautiful photos! Well done on your beautiful results ... I'm sure your will make something amazing for your Mother...

  4. Thanks for telling us about the Grow your blog party!This year I am taking part too! I love the treasures you found in your mum's closet!AriadnefromGreece!

  5. What a lovely fairytale, dear Wendy,- and such beautiful flowers and pieces ,have you crocheted,-you masteres it perfectly dearest friend.
    The hooks are so beautiful with the wood handles, and lovely they belonged to your great-grandmother . I have never seen such a measuring thing , what a fun piece.
    Your background fabric, is so lovely in those bright wonderful blue tones.
    Monday hug from Dorthe

  6. What a sweet and charming post!!

  7. Such a delightful post Wendy! How exciting and fearful it must have been for you back then. But oh all those treasures! Did you get caught out or was your mum ok with it!? :)

    Your little motifs are very sweet and loving the colours in your granny square.

    I don't have hooks etc from my grandmother as she didn't crochet or knit, but I have managed to find a few vintage hooks at collectable fairs and op shops. I don't do a lot of crocheting or knitting, though I can, but I find the hooks and needles so interesting in themselves.

    You have such sweet things in your previous post and the image of the lady in the street is so lovely, thank you for sharing. ♥

  8. leuk dat je ook het haakvirus te pakken hebt en ja wat komt er nog meer uit die kast.... ik ben benieuwd

  9. Wendy love the photos of the crocheted items and your wonderful vintage crochet hooks :)

  10. Whoa! Da's gaaf, om zulke mooie oude haaknaalden te vinden en natúúrlijk moet je dan meteen iets gaafs haken, maar jemig, je bent wel meteen super op dreef meis! Niet alleen eenvoudige bloemetjes, maar zelfs doilies en grannies haken, wowie, ik doe het je niet aan, gaaf hoor! Ik zie je nog wel eens zo'n mooie ouderwets gehaakte sprei maken ;-) Liefs, Ira xox
    Ira’s Crea Corner


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