Repetition repetition repetition...

Bath, UK

... try to repeat a word a couple of times and you'll probably end up like I just did... "Repetition, repitetion, repewhaaat??? Especially when it's not your own language!

By the way,

if you pre-schedule a blogpost
but don't push the "publish" button,
it probably won't publish...

Did you know that???

(Oh goodness Wen, get real.)

Well-behaved computer I would say. It does exactly what I'm telling him/her to do. So if I'm not telling anything it will not do anything. Wow...

Anyhoo, where was I...

Ah yes, repetition...

Bordeaux, France

is the word I chose this week for


Mainly because I love the repetition of features in beautiful old buildings. Like the gothic windows and pillars of Bath Abbey (first photo) in... well... uhm... Bath, England. And the classical pillars and statues of the Grand Theater in Bordeaux, France (second photo).

By the way number two...
I really love to travel in Europe!

But when you get started on a word prompt like this
you'll see it everywhere around you...

(Like when you just bought a yellow car,
all of the sudden everyone seems to have a yellow car.)

Repetition on my antique typewriter for example.

Neat rows of trees or books too!



Apples in the supermarket!


(yeah right...)

Would love to see what you come up with!

xx Wen


  1. Great choice for this week's prompt, and excellent photos. You made me giggle, I have done that a few times as well, the more you think about a word, the worse it gets and everything looks wrong ;-). x

  2. Lovely photos ... especially of your typewriter ... Great prompt too! Have a lovely Sunday

  3. Love, love, love that typewriter! Wonderful photos.

  4. Great photos. I learned to type on a manual typewriter in high school not all that much different from the one in the picture.

  5. gorgeous photos! i too love "repetition"'s calming isn't it?
    (oh're so funny!) ;)

  6. Awesome, and i would say you are pretty funny with that yellow car thing, LOL!

  7. You know, I'd not ever thought of it before, but I do like repetition in the way you have talked about in your post today. I suppose it is nice to have organization in visuals in order for things not to feel chaotic and overwhelming. At least that is how it is for me. There is something nice about it.

    Beautiful photos. Just loved them.

    Blessings, Bird

  8. That is one very cool example of repetition Wendy, such beautiful architecture!

  9. Grappig is dat hè, wanneer je echt bewust ergens op gaat letten, er dan ineens van alles opvalt? Zoals herhaling van patronen inderdaad, of wat te denken van ons eigen gedrag ;-) Mooie foto's! Die van jouw typemachine zijn echt top! Liefs, Ira xox
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  10. Wonderful pics Wendy! I love old bluidings and hope to visit someday!

  11. you came up with and beautifully photographed some great ideas for the 'repetition' prompt.
    loved seeing the old typewriter and those beautiful gothic windows~!

    thank you for your visit to my blog and for taking the time to leave me a thoughtful comment.


  12. Those are some great shots for the meme! Love that architecture.


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