Hej da!


... If you know what "Hej da" means?

(If you do, you probably have spent too much time at Ikea, like me...)

... How your week's going so far?

... How my new camera works and if I'm going to like it or not...

(Just start pressing buttons and see what they'll do. "Woops, that's not what I had in mind... Oooh, there is a manual too...")

... What to do next with a new handmade book in the making...

... And what I will do with this little bird I've been sketching last week.

It's all about WONDER at Our Beautiful World this week.

I wonder what you're wondering? And if we could wonder along with you about your wondering by your linked up wonders, I wonder?

Never mind me. It's bedtime.

Sweet Shahrul from Malaysia has chosen this magical theme and I'd love it if you join us with your photo(s)!


About the prompt at Our Beautiful World and how to join us: Please check our blog.

About my photos: Taken with my new (!!) camera, a Sony Cybershot DSC WX300; editing with PicMonkey.com (filters Tranquill and Dust).

Not sure yet if I'm completely going to fall in love with this camera though. There are some features missing that I did use on my dad's camera (up till now I used to borrow his, most of the photos on my blog are taken with that camera, and I really love that camera, but ya, it's not mine and he'd like to get it back...). But good cameras are so @%#^!%^*!! expensive! It's a lot better than my own old crappy camera though and oh yes, it's such a luxury problem!

Why this text is edited differently? Dunno...

Now, where's Wen's "Off" button I wonder...

Ah, there it is!




  1. Schattig vogeltje Wendy. En wen ze aan je nieuwe camera

  2. Such a cute and fun post Wendy, first of all, congrats to the new toy. That's an amazing picture you have that, you are so talented! Now I can't wait to see the book with that lovely bird image!

    From another Ikea fan!

  3. Oooh, you have a new toy!!. That's exciting, knowing so well that we'd be spoiled with more lovely, creative photos from ya!. My heart is pounding upon seeing your journal in progress, looks beautiful already :). You are so talented, gorgeous drawing!.

  4. Ik moest even m'n leesbrilletje opzetten bij de fameuze kleine lettertjes Wen ;-) Ja ja, ze heeft er al ééntje nodig ja! Vind het niet meer normaal hoe gaaf jij jouw vogeltje hebt geschetst zeg! Echt heeeeeeeeeeeeel erg mooi... Dus de verwondering ligt nu geheel bij mij, knap gedaan meis! Liefs, Ira x
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  5. Oh Wendy what a lovely post and your bird is so sweet and beautiful, a manual I open them only to read the first and last line, everything in between,I do not have the patience to read it.
    Hugs Anni

  6. Anonymous17:52

    Wendy, my trouble is that I Wonder too much - maybe it is a Gemini thing but my mind is always crammed full of wonders and suchlike!
    This little birdie is so adorable and eager to see the completed handbound book.
    Wishes & Wonderings

  7. Oh I love your little sketched bird ... how clever! Loved reading your post too ... i just got a new phone with a decent camera on it ... Lord knows if I will ever get used to the phone though! Sending hugs your way ...

  8. wat een mooi vogeltje heb je getekend, super zeg, je hebt talent, maar dat wisten we al. Je hele kleine tekst kan ik helaas echt niet lezen. tot ziens op de knotsgekkekaartendagen!!!

  9. Hej, kære Wendy !!
    Yes this is danish, looking a lot like Swedish language, and meaning Hi dear!!!
    Your bird is amazing, -wonderfully painted , and I`m so curious about what you will go on doing with your beautiful book!! Your photoes are gorgeous!!
    Hugs and smiles,Dorthe

  10. Cute little bird Wendy, and oh lucky you a new camera :) Your post makes me smile.

  11. Hoi Wendy,
    Wat kun je prachtig tekenen !!
    Schattig vogeltje.
    Ik heb iets waar ik over 'wonder'...maar dat gaat niet over de dingen die jij bedoeld vrees ik.
    Mijn excuses dat ik je er op deze plaats mee overval,
    maar ik kon geen email adres vinden. Ik heb een probleempje op Pinterest
    en wil daar graag je advies over horen.
    Zou dat wel kunnen?
    Mijn emailadres staat op mijn blog.
    (Je hoeft deze reactie natuurlijk niet te plaatsen). Nou....wat een lang verhaal... ;(.
    Alvast bedankt,
    Liefs Wilma.

  12. love the small painting of the bird and the making of little books totally intrigues me . . . someday i may give it a try myself.
    i bet i can learn all kinds of tips from you and your blog.


  13. Dang, Wendy, think of all the money you save on stamps when you can sketch and color your own stunning designs! Your bird is incredible!!

  14. Such a pretty post! and your book looks so pretty! cant wait to see the finished product! Happy Monday!

  15. Your photos look great with your new camera. And I love your little book. It looks so pretty.

    We are in Salt Lake City and they have an Ikea. They didn't have one in Vegas. I am so excited to stop in there this week. Its been years since I have been in one.

    Happy Monday..


  16. I am completely smitten with your bird drawing, I wonder how the new book will look like!!!! Read the manual, but you will have more fun taking it for a test drive and explring on your own, congrats on the new toy, you will get used to it and then you will love it too, like your dads!

  17. Oh how WONDERful this post was, I am laughing right now, thank you for the writing gift you have.

    What a sweet little bird, can't wait to see more. Enjoy your new camera, always fun to push buttons and see what it does, just like a kid would. Loved reading this!

    WOW WOW WOW to your little purple journal and the tiny tiny mini one below. Oh my are they the cutest! Shahrul made many little mini's too and I just love them. So glad I can enjoy seeing both of yours now and hope I will brave making one for me someday.
    Thanks so much for sharing!


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