Madonna and Child collage on wood

Last week I found a wooden gift box
(you know, the ones that are normally filled with two bottles of wine)
and decided to use the lid as a base for a collage.

The making of

Polished the wood.
Painted thin layer of gesso.
Distressed the edges with ink.

Painted the fabrics with ecoline and tea.
Creased and stitched it.

(As you see here, with a bigger project I tend to work on the floor.)

Used (part of) an image of the beautiful "La Madonna de Bogota"
which is thought to be of Raphael.

And a bird image of the Graphicsfairy
(who doesn't love her for all the work she does for us).

Coloured several wooden embellishments.
Burlap, lace, French old book page, fabric, painted cardboard,
wallpaper, fabric flowers, wooden embellishment with bead.


Now on the wall hanger part...
I couldn't decide how to make this a hanging collage.
Any ideas?

Thank you for so many sweet comments, I love reading them!
And a warm welcome to my new followers,
thank you for joining me on my crafting adventure,

you're very much appreciated.

Happy week to you!

xx Wen


  1. You are very talented! Lovely!

  2. Prachtig wat een schitterend plaatje.

    Lieve gr Anja

  3. Prachtig Wendy, mooie details!! Ik ben aldoor geneigd om in het Engels te reageren. Zal wel door de workshop komen en omdat je zelf in het Engels schrijft :) Ik zou hem/haar met een leuk stoer kettinkje ophangen!!

  4. Wow, that is amazing

  5. OH my goodness dear Wendy, this is pure beauty, -a wonderful lovely collage, and so good looking on top of the lid. I love the blue tones and the images, it is gorgeous.

  6. This is lovely ... I love all the different textures you used ... I'm sure you will find a way to hang this ... have a lovely day!

  7. Schitterend gemaakt zeg...knuf peet

  8. Geweldig Wendy! Dit is dubbel genieten geweest dus! Eerst van de wijn en daarna van het prachtige 'pimpwerk' dat je ons hier laat zien, het is een plaatje geworden, echt beeldschoon gedaan meis! LIeve groetjes, Ira

  9. Anonymous17:10

    You have created a sublime piece of art.
    It has a beautiful delicacy to it and I just so love the use of lace and trims, etc.

  10. Wendy, this box is beautiful! I just love boxes and trunks. Such mysterious and lovely things can be within.

    Bless you,

  11. Awesome work once again, you just have that magic to make things look so beautiful!!!!!

  12. Hi Wendy! This wall hanging is so so wonderful!! I love all the details!!

  13. I love all the rich layers you've used! A lot of work went into this lovely creation and it shows! Your style is so romantic and soft... just beautiful! I am now your latest follower! And by the way?? Love the name of your blog!!! See you soon!

  14. OH my goodness, What a gorgeous piece. I always love all the fabulous details you add to your work..


  15. Your collage is lovely. I adore when something is repurposed and upcycled. The touches of blue are very soft and beautiful. Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts...

  16. Hello Wendy
    Your Work is so Lovely! So Romantic!
    Thank You for Visiting me and your Kind Words!
    Have a Wonderful Day!

  17. Ps
    I am Your Newest Follower!

  18. Hi Wendy, it looks wonderful and so charming!
    To make it into a wall hanging, you could just sew 2 loops in the back of it and add a chain, or a dowel?, depending how big it is!
    Thanks so much for coming over to visit my blog!

  19. hi wendy! your art is so gorgeous! tx for sharing and inspiring! aloha, angi in hana

  20. Hello Wendy
    You have created a very beautiful piece using the Madonna here. It is so soft and delicate and love how you have cut out and used the lovely flowers and lace peices.
    It is gorgeous!
    Thank you also dear friend for pinning my work on your Pinterest - everything looks fantastic on your boards.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Sending hugs,

  21. Hallo Wendy,

    Wat ziet dit er prachtig uit !!
    Het is zo mooi van kleur en zo sfeervol.
    Je maakt echt hele mooie dingen!


  22. Absolutely Stunning Wen!!!! I just saw this while looking at some of your older posts! Beautiful!!!! hugs,Jackie


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