Revelation time...

Just a post to tell that my previous post has been updated with daylight pictures... Which really do the collage hanger more justice!

xx Wen


  1. Wat een super mooie collage Wendy en wat fijn dat je weer in blogland bent. Wat betreft mijn header, ik heb er net een nieuwe op gezet. Heb mijn blog een beetje gerestyled :) maar nog bedankt voor het aanbod!!

  2. What a beautiful hanger, Wendy!
    Thanks for sharing your story.. being French, living in Holland and married to an English man! You must speak three languages too, then. I still think French is very difficult!
    Have a nice evening!

  3. Hello Dear Wendy
    Thank you for your so thoughtful visit! All is well now here again and we hope that it will stay like that so we will be safe from the fires.

    This is a very beautiful piece you have created and I love St. Catharine featured in the frame and the hanger and how you have assembled it all. Well done!



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