"You've got mail..."

... from Marjanne, her swap present arrived! And it's absolute gorgeous!

The theme of the swap was "Poëzie", which is an old Dutch traditions where the children (mostly girls, I believe) had so called poëzie-albums. Little books in which we wrote cute messages for each other, verses and rhymes. Adorned with these typical Victorian style little images, like Marjanne used here on her tags.

Thank you Marjanne so much, I love it!

xx Wen


  1. you're welcome!!!

  2. Anonymous20:52

    It's gorgeous! And you always get some little presents with the swap, that's why i love it.
    New follower to your blog and i hope you will get a lot!
    Hugs xx

    1. Thank you, Pat, and welcome :)
      The presents... yes, that was quite new to me as well. There's a lot to be learned yet, but it's so much fun!


  3. I like it as well! It is super gorgeous!


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