Oh so fabric

Hello dear blog friends and fellow WOYWW'ers,

What is on YOUR worktable today? Papers? Fabric? Lace? A big messy pile? Paint everywhere? Your cat, guinee pig or dog helping you out with your work? If you came over via Julia's blog and are new here, then hello there and a warm welcome to you, I'm happy to meet you!

Julia of Stamping Ground has a weekly fun linky party called WOYWW or What's On Your Worktable Wednesday, where a lot of crafty people from all over the world gather. If you haven't heard of it before, then hop over to her blog for more information.

Now do let me show you what's on my table: a happy stash of colourful fabrics and buttons.

Recently bought in our local thrift store. (Actually I'm lying. They were on my bed when posing for these photos, not my table. But then, my bed often serves as my craft table...) I went to the thrift store in the hope of finding doilies, but alas. It's so hard to find them, I never succeeded. And my little stash of my great-granny's doilies is almost empty...

So here's another question for you, my friends: Where do you find them, those gorgeous vintage doilies?

I know some of you are lucky in this quest. (Do I look green now? Oh yes, I do.) Are they going to be extinct though? Are we to make them ourselves one day? (Yep Wen, go start learning how to crochet right now.)

And happy happy me, I finally got a sewing machine!!! Hoorah!!
It took me two days to figure out how to thread the #@!*%# sweet thing. And got nowhere. Then my mom stepped in, and voilá, of course she got it working in two minutes. I thanked her dearly.

My (93 year old!) granny decided to give her machine to me, I'm very happy and grateful. But there's always a sad side to this... for she's no longer able to sew herself, due to her high age and bad eyes.

But oh... the happy sight and smell of fresly washed colourful and beautiful laundry. Honestly, I'm in love...

The fabrics from the thrift store of the first photo above, you know, they're actually clothes, in all sizes. They were meant to be cut and stitched into something new. And then my mom saw them and exclaimed "Oh just look at this lovely one, and that one, and... can I try them on?" Lol, of course you can mom :)

So, what's on your table? Can't wait to see what's in the making there... Thank you for visiting me!

Hugs and happy crafting,

xx Wen


  1. Great fabric stash ! Hope you have lots of fun on your sewing machine with those lush fabrics ! Ali #44

  2. Beautiful fabrics. By doilies, do you mean dressing table sets. I have just sorted about 15 sets in my parent's home - wish I had known someone wanted them... sorry...
    Don't buttons look great when all spread out? Love them.
    have a great fun, creative week.
    Margaret #48

  3. Your material is just beautiful. I can't wait to see what you do with it. April #107

  4. Haha... I am too shy to show my worktable (hiding....), but it was fun peeking into yours!

  5. wow I thought you had done so well getting all that lovely fabric and then you tell us mum is trying them on and your son wants a banner I hope there is some left for you at the end of it. Enjoy using nan's machine she will be happy that you love it
    Have a great day and enjoy the rest of your week with this lovely weather
    Ria #75

  6. Everything looks so lovely in your photos ... and what beauties you have there ... Your wall hanging looks beautiful!

  7. Hi Wendy AppleApricot! What a cute name! I wanted to thank you so much for leaving a couple of comments on my blog about the 8x8 "Good To Be Green" canvas. I really appreciate your taking the time to do that! I love your post on your blog, too. Those photos just make me want to reach out and touch all of those fabrics. Love your little pieced wallhanging you're making. So pretty! <3 Candy

  8. Just look at all the wonderful goodies on your work space. I Love it..


  9. you have such a beautiful blog! I LOVE LOVE your wallhanging in process! You've inspired me to do the same.

  10. Oh my! I just gave away tons of doilies last year! I wasn't sure what to do with them..as at the time I was still so into card making and not yet fully immersed in mixed media. Love the fabric wall hanging you're working on! Thanks for the earlier visit. Happy WOYWW! Nan G #104

  11. What a gorgeous array of fabric and notions! Love the hanging too! Beautiful work! Love your style!

  12. What absolutely gorgeous fabrics!! And that's a pretty good stash of buttons, too. And your wall hanging.... wow! Thanks for visiting and happy WOYWW!!
    Carol N #108

  13. You have some beautiful colors to work with. It is so much fun to "make over" things. Good luck.

  14. Thank you for your visit and your lovely comment, Wendy - so glad you like my new room in the making! I'm so excited about it all. I can't wait to get in there now and start creating again - everything's been packed up for so long and I really miss it.

    I love all your beautiful fabrics, and congratulations on the new sewing machine. Sorry to hear your granny is no longer able to sew, but it must be a great consolation to her to know that her machine has been passed on into good hands which will make beautiful things with it!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #116

  15. Wendy love those fabrics and buttons! Yup those doilies are getting scarce, soooo that means we have to make our own! Love the wall hanging you have started, really beautiful ;)

  16. Hi WOYWW Newbie here, so nice to pop over and visit everyone's wonderful workspaces, I don't sew but love admiring the work of others and the gorgeous fabrics such as those on your post today. Your wall hanging in progress looks wonderful and I hope to pop back to see it when its finished! Happy WOYWW! Danie #34.

  17. Wonderful collection of fabric but you really got me reading when you mentioned lace. I have containers and containers of the beautiful stuff when I find it I just store it up for the reason of arting with it one day for journals but also the fact that it will become extinct. Never thought about sharing it all on my blog. Thanks for the lovely visit and sorry I am visiting late, sorry about the long reply.

    Happy Belated WOYWW
    Eliza 26

  18. Love the colorful fabric and laundry you posted. I love the wall hanging and hope to see it finished soon. I just bought an old black singer sewing machine that is electric...looking for a treadle sewing machine. Have a great week. Thanks for visiting my desk. Vickie #122

  19. Wat een onwijs gave tafel heb je Wen! Een genot om al die prachtige stofjes, knoopjes en frutsels te zien liggen! Je muurhanger in wording ziet er nu al top uit, zo heerlijk romantisch enne, zie ik daar zowaar borduurwerk?? Oh dat heb ik me een partij gedaan zeg, heb heel wat kruissteekjes afgepikt in de afgelopen jaren! En weet je wat ik wel zou willen leren? Kantklossen! Als je sommige dames dat ziet doen, oh, dat lijkt me dus geweldig he, hoef je geen kleedjes meer te kopen ha ha ha! Oef, zo kom je toch een mensenleven tekort? Om alles te doen waar je zin in hebt? Ach, dromen is ook leuk! Liefs, Ira xox

  20. So happy I stopped by your blog this week. Just Lovely goodness everywhere. I love your writing style and have pinned the drying rack of yummy colors.

    I hit estate auctions for doilies and vintage hankies. Creative Blessings! Kelly #105

  21. Happy Belated WOYWW, WAA! You are adorable! And your gran and your mom and your son all sound adorable, too! I'm not into sewing - used to be back when I had to make my own clothes coz it was so much cheaper than store-bought, and I really enjoyed it. I do have an old Singer mini which I showcased on WOYWW about a year ago and announced I would be using it to sew on my cards. Oops. What happened with that idea, I wonder?

    Anyhoo, your fabric are just crying out for noses to be smushed in them, inhaling. I would spend the day fondling them, like I sometimes do my pretty patterned papers!

    Thank you for coming by the Playhouse earlier! Have a wonderful week! Darnell #20

  22. Wow...wat een prachrige stofjes en knopen Wendy, dat belooft wat!!

  23. ohhh, wonderful fabrics and buttons! Great photos too! I'm wishing you a very happy and very late WOYWW! Lindsay #100

  24. I'm in fabric envy. You found some awesome vintage patterns and colors.

    I am also on the hunt for those same doilies, but they are nowhere to be found. I have a neighbor who makes new ones and sells them for $5.00 each. Who would use one or even cut it apart at that cost?

    I’m not sure how late LATE is, but I’m here to wish you a beLATEd WOYWW from #2.

  25. What a fabulous stash of gorgeous-ness!! Thanks for your visit and sorry for being super-late this week! Happy Woyww

  26. Anonymous02:43

    Hi, Wendy, I'm a whole week late returning your visit! What lovely fabrics and projects you have going. I am not a sewing person, but appreciate the beauty. Happy very, very belated last week's WOYWW! ~ Laura

  27. Oh Wendy, what an absolutely wonderful, happy, Beautiful post! Those fabrics are just GORGEOUS and I LOVE you wall hanging and banner in the making! WOW!

  28. LOVE LOVE that Beautiful wall hanging on your table Wendy!I'm back and all rested ready to start crafting again!! You are such an inspiration!

  29. Hello Dear Wendy
    What another beautiful post. Your fabrics are so very gorgeous! What a lucky girl you are to have inherited your G/mother's sewing machine. I really feel for her coming to realize at 93 she can no longer use it!!!! Now you will have to do her proud and make LOTS mixed media items with it.

    Doilies - well I'm always on the hunt for these babies and look mainly in the op (thrift) stores for them as well as markets. I also have darling friends who look out for me and give me some as well. I wished you lived near me as I could give you some.
    I could also post a few for cutting up if you would like to give me your address!!!
    Have a lovely Sunday dear friend,
    Suzy with hugs.

  30. What a lovely post and your pictures are great. It's getting very tough to find old doilies but then I don't go to the thrift store very often either.

  31. Oh such fun things on your desk. I can see some great projects lined up.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  32. Oh wow! I am envious of your stash of fabrics - so pretty! They make me want to get my sewing machine out and play ;-)
    Love your wallhanger too. The romantic, vintage style is gorgeous.
    Caroline xxx

  33. Hi Wendy,
    your fabric wallhanger in the making looks beautiful already:)
    Have a lovely day.

  34. everything looks so very pretty. I have been thinking of pulling out my old sewing machine and seeing if I can make something. Of course I have no idea yet what it will be. I like your son's idea of a banner.


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