Simply Neutrals 53 Winter Gatherings of Memories

cat illustration and collage by AppleApricot Wen

Winter gatherings of memories...

Remnants of last year's garden,
forgotten postcard found at an antique market,
stone with holes made by the sea around Great Brittain and picked up on a journey,
ginger cat I painted after a meowing one that followed me around on the streets of an old village,
and some vintage butterflies I found some time ago on the wonderful blog of The Graphics Fairy.

Hello dear friends, it's good to see you again! I've been really busy with art school. It helped me go through a rough time this last month with a dear family member passing away unexpectedly, and a friend who lost her fight against cancer, both in the same week.

But the sun is shining, a new year full of possibilities is ahead of me, and I'm surrounded by love. What else do I need?

Speaking of love, I received some gorgeous mail these last weeks:

Beautiful cards by (clockwise from top left): Kirsty, Odetta, a family friend, and Suzy.
I also received a gorgeous package from Jesse, but I will share this another time with you.

Before going on with Simply Neutrals I have some important news: Blogger / Google is going to stop and delete the Google+ features in the coming weeks. Which means you will no longer be able to follow blogs through Google+.

If you're following my blog through Google+, please make sure to subscribe to my blog in other ways, like Bloglovin.


So many beautiful entries again last month, thank you so much! I love seeing your art works and photos, it's so inspiring! Tracey of HotchPotchCreations shared this beautiful lace collage:

Lace collage by Tracey of HotchPotchCreations

Dear Tracey, here is your feature blog button if you like:

On to this month's party!


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Time for the link up!

xx Wen

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  1. My dear Wen,
    so sad for you, having lost both a dear family member and a close friend. Life is so hard sometimes , I hope you are feeling good yourself.
    The collage is so gorgeous , I love your painted cute kitten , and the use of nature and stone . Also the card from Suzy is beautiful, and lovely the angel card , Tracey`s creation is amazing, I love it .
    I hope I`m following you through Blogger , do you know how I can check it ?
    I just got the message from Google too, and in my mind almost deside to end my blogging, if affected !
    Have a lovely evening dearest Wen , I send you hugs and love. Dorthe

    1. Oh no, don't give up on blogging because of the Google+ news, dearest Dorthe! Bloglovin is a good tool as well to follow blogs. Do you use Bloglovin? If not, you can create an account very easily with your facebook account. And the google friend connect followers feature thing, the old one we already had on the blogs before Google+ came, I think that one will stay. So I don't see any need to stop blogging just yet. I will stop when I want to, not when Google wants to!

    2. And thank you so much dear Dorthe for your sweet message! Big hugs xx

  2. So sorry to hear your sad news Wen. It's always so difficult when we lose someone close isn't it!
    I love your little collage of memories! So creative, well done! xx

    1. Thank you so much, Pam! It was a tough time, yes :( Big hugs xx

  3. I loved your winter memories art piece!I am so sorry for your losses but isn't it great that you had your studies to help you out?AriadnefromGreece!

    1. Thank you so much Ariadne :) Yes, I'm really happy that my studies help me feel a lot better! xx

  4. Your "Winter Gatherings of Memories" composition is quite intriguing. The colors and textures are delightfully neutral and at first bite, I found a whimsical quality to your creation. But, when I read your words describing your materials and how you sourced them, followed by your devastating news, I saw your creation in an entirely different light. I could see you holding onto precious memories, you realizing that at some time we must let go of our most treasured people and things,your desire that the details of our once loved and lost must never be forgotten and most importantly, your acknowledgement that without hope, we have nothing. I felt like I read your heart, dearest Wen; the true artist communicates what's in her heart through her creativity. My heart is with you, as are my prayers for your courage and strength. Be well...

    1. Dear Judy, thank you so much for your sweet message and beautiful thoughtful words! I really am holding onto precious memories, like you said so beautifully. I'm not a person of holding on to things usually, but in this time I find that creating collages with them helps me, very gently and lovingly, to let go of the bitter grief and focus on the precious moments we shared.

  5. Dearest Wen, I am sorry to hear you have had the pain of grief and loss, but your response is a blessing; and one of hope and looking ahead to the possibilities, and looking around at all the love that surrounds~ I really enjoyed your 'collage of remnants'! and love the way you take things and unify them the way you do. So uniquely you. Thank you for sharing~
    I am concerned about the google changes - as I am so NOT IT savvy (as you well know ;) I am hoping I don't wake up and all my reading list is gone! : O
    Take care and thanks for hosting SNT! I've been gone awhile, but hope to jump in again soon~ Hugs, karen o

    1. Oh Dear Wen, I hope it's not too late to redeem myself! ; ) As I just realized I did not include my comment about Tracey's Beautiful lace collage here!! It is a beautiful piece (I saw this on her blog) and I fell in love with all those gorgeous textures!! And of course, the neutral palate is soo pretty~ Wonderful work by Tracey. So glad she shared it with us <3 karen o

  6. Dear Wen, Thank you very much for the feature. I am very honoured especially as that piece was inspired by our dear Dorthe.
    I'm deeply sorry to hear about the loss of a family member and friend, as if one was not hard enough to deal with.
    The very reason I am late is because we too have lost a dear friend in tragic circumstances and have only recently returned after saying our goodbyes and paying respects.
    I love your Winter gatherings, it sure is a Season for thought, your cards are a delight to see as much as i'm sure they are for you to have received.
    The demise of Google plus has scared many bloggers, i'm hoping mine will be ok as I would hate to have to start all over again. As I no longer use FB Bloglovin in no good to me.
    Simply Neutrals is such calming space, I thank you for providing this warm environment for us all. I will wear my badge with much pride.
    Thank you so much.
    Creative wishes Tracey xx

  7. Hello dear Wen, I'm so sad for your news, to lose two loved ones so close together is so hard. I attended so many funerals last year that I found each one reminded me that our time is not unlimited as we often feel, wasting so much of it on silly stuff. I am trying to prioritise to get to the important stuff more. There is something beautiful in the sadness of loss, a reminder of the love we feel.

    Your photo collage is beautiful, such a celebration of the simple. Less is more - I am so hopeless at that!!! You do it so beautifully. The focus is on a few small moments, and it makes one see them more deeply than the chaos of all at once.

    I'm so glad your studies are nurturing your soul. You are so strong because you reflect on your life, and get to the heart of what's important.

    It's much nicer to have the thumbnails in the link up, and the ads aren't too ugly. Thank you for your time and energy to keep this SN party going. A month goes by so quickly, doesn't it? I am hardly keeping up with emails, Facebook and blog visiting, let alone arty stuff at the moment. Your blog is a breath of fresh air to rest in.
    Sending love and hugs to you,
    Jesse XXX

  8. P.S. The cards look so beautiful, bringing love from friends to you. Enjoy!
    Jesse X

  9. So sorry to hear about your difficult month - it sounds as though you have had a very sad time of it, though it's great to read that you are feeling loved and supported, and have the focussed distraction of your art school studies to help you through it all. Your happy mail is certainly a good sign that you are surrounded by love. I adore your little ginger cat, gazing at the seed pods and butterflies, and that vintage postcard is a beauty.

    As far as I can make out, the normal Blogger Follower widget should remain in place, it's only the Google+ stuff which is going. We'll lose comments from our blogs if people have used their Google+ IDs to make those comments, but the rest should remain. Not a lot we can do, sadly, except wait and see what the damage is.
    Alison x

  10. So sorry Wen to hear that you had two big losses so close together too, good to see you having positivity in your post. Your little kitty is too cute!

  11. Good morning dear Wen!
    How sad to begin the new year with these losses. I do like your positivity with the sun shining and a new day! My thoughts and prayers are always with you,my friend.
    I must say, your little vignette at the opening had me so puzzled as to whether it was a photo, painting or digi! then to find out it was all real pieces made me giggle aloud!Very cool!
    Here's to bright days and beautiful art!
    sending hugs and love,Jackie xx

  12. Dear Wen,
    These past months have been truly so difficult and sad for you sweet friend. I do sympathize with you over your losses. It's so difficult losing ones close to us and takes time for that loss to heal. At least you have sun and Springtime ahead of you which will be perfect.
    Your card is such a simple statement of beauty! I love it and thanks so much for sharing my Christmas card I sent you! You are so sweet.
    Sending love, blessings, hugs and appreciation!
    Suzy xoxoxox

  13. I'm so sorry about your losses, and so close together too. We've been dealing with the sudden loss of a dear family friend too and I know just how difficult it is. Glad to hear you are enjoying your art school and that it has helped you deal with your sadness.

  14. This is adorable! The image looks fantastic and I love the paper!
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