Here's a little cutie card I made for my dear blog friend Ira,
who had sent me this gorgeous card below:

So cute!! Love love the text and the sweet image!
Thank you sweetie!

What else has happened over here...

Here's busy-ness with paints and coloured pencils and such. I have hardly done any drawing since childhood and it is kind of scary to begin again. But I loved it as a child and did nothing else.

My wish is to incorporate this kind of work later into my fabric, paper and mixed media projects. May be, may be not.

Also, I'm still busy with the little mixed media book.
Just need to do the back and then I can send it to a dear friend.

And the 25th of January will be party day,
because then is the big annual party Grow Your Blog,
hosted by dear Vicki of 2 Bags Full.

But for now,
wishing you a wonderful day!

xx Wen


  1. This is amazing. I JUST love her face. Well done my friend. You are so talented.


  2. heb jij dat geschilderd? erg mooi! !

  3. Hello sweet lady ... Glad all is well ... your gifts are lovely! Have fun with your course!

  4. what a sweet image of a lovely girl with those beautiful green eyes. I am looking forward to the grow your blog party as well.

  5. Beautiful work, Wendy! You are so talented in everything that you try. Hugs, Sue

  6. Your girlie is just lovely- sweet-faced and wistful. And those card images... I could look at them over and over. Both of you made wonderful cards. Like you, I've joined up in several online mixed-media classes. Such a convenient and instructional opportunity, and I'm still thinking all the parts will come together in my sewing and journaling. Have fun in your classes.

  7. Anonymous17:16

    I love taking art classes too! Your painting is beautiful!

  8. My dear Wendy ,
    your talent, is wonderful, I so love this beautiful girl, you draw and painted , and will be here to see more .The card you recieved is so wonderful, and special, and I love the one you send to her ,-such sweet details !!
    I send you weekend hugs dear friend.

  9. Zo zeg, jij hebt talent!!!!!!
    Echt heel erg mooi, die ogen spreken bijna.
    Hier ook weer in het "gewone" leven.
    School voor de kinderen, werk voor ons en dan de gebruikelijke dingen eromheen.
    Ook weer goed, toch?
    Nu nog hopen op een beetje winter, want van dit weer worden wij niet echt blij, bah.
    Groetjes, Daphne

  10. This painting looks fantastic, Wendy! You are so talented. I love here beautiful green eyes!

    Gaby xo

  11. Kind! Niet normaal meer zoals jij tekent! Echt ge-wel-dig!! Dit moet je echt insturen naar de Flow of zo hoor! Die ogen, mond, alles klopt gewoon en in de jou kenmerkende romantische stijl. Heb er geen woorden voor, vind 't top!!! Fijn om te horen dat je blij bent met je kaart, binnenkort weer post, ha ha ha! Geniet van je avond, liefs, Ira
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  12. Thanks for sharing your art!!! They are amazing! Love both Ira's and your card!

  13. Your painting is just so gorgeous Wendy. I can't wait to see how your book is coming along! Did you find some nice rose fabric to incorporate?
    Love Ira's little card and the one you sent to her.
    Thanks for your sweet comment and visit dear Wendy.
    Take care and look forward to seeing some more of your great work. You are fortunate to have another skill up your sleeve.
    Love and hugs,

  14. P.S. See you at the GYB party in a few days!
    x Suzy


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