Have a break

Hello dears,

Hope you are all doing well? Thank you for your sweet visits and words. They mean the world to me! I appreciate it very much when you take time for that. At the moment for me it's time to take a little... I really need to take some time to focus on my family and health. So I decided to take a little break from blogging. Though I can never promise you to turn off my computer completely (addicted? hmm...) and I will probably pop up here and there once in a while. Or twice in a while...

I know I said this before, that I needed to take a break and then wouldn't take one, lol. But I must. So here's a serious attempt this time! (I think it's funny that you can see a little bit of the word "not" below the word "break" in my photo. It wasn't intentional.)


This week I chose the word prompt for

It is


Include a word or words in your photo.

I think words can be so powerful and meaningful
and I love love love typography
and found this very suitable word in a favourite magazine called Flow.


Wishing you a wonderful time ahead
and see you again soon!

xx Wen


  1. Neem nu dan maar eens echt de tijd voor andere dingen. We zullen je missen maar wat moet dat moet.
    Sterkte ermee en....(see you later alligater :-) )
    groetjes Marja

  2. Take care sweet friend ... Will miss you

  3. Have a good rest!AriadnefromGreece!

  4. Hi Wendy... yes take a "break" and smell the flowers...relax, heal and find your space again. Hope to see you now and again...

  5. Taking time to recharge and focus on family and health is always first priority. May you return fresh and full of creative bliss dear...

  6. Nice photo Wendy, take care whilst you enjoy your break and time with your family.

  7. Hello Wendy, i can understand your decision. Take time to relax with your family and your health! This is the most important thing we have
    Take care and enjoy the time.
    See you and sending hugs

  8. Neem alle tijd die je nodig hebt!!
    Soms is het gewoon even nodig.
    We zullen hier geduldig op je wachten en zien je vanzelf weer verschijnen.
    Fijne zomer en geniet van de mooie dingen!!
    Liefs, Daphne

  9. See you again soon... relax and have a quality time near family!! All the best for you and dear ones!

  10. Doe kalm aan meis, soms heb je gewoon even een langere adempauze nodigen dan is het alleen maar wijs om daaraan toe te geven! Hou je taai en we spreken elkaar gauw weer ;-) Geniet samen met Sam van de Paasdagen (eieren verstoppen/zoeken samen?) Have fun! Liefs, Ira xox
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  11. Hi dear Wendy,
    take good care of yourself and rest up. Hope to see you back soon and well rested.
    Happy Easter.

  12. Dear Wendy I totally understand, but hope you still have a presence every now and then...I totally love typography too and writing words in beautiful calligraphy, what a nice break! and I loved your prompt!

  13. Hallo lieve Wendy,

    Heel verstandig.
    Rust maar uit en geniet van je familie. Zo belangrijk !

    Heel goede Paasdagen toegewenst !!

    Knuffels en liefs,

  14. Don`t worry about us, just take your time...I think that everybody understand! Best wishes to you and your family!
    Hugs from Slovenia

  15. Don`t worry about us, just take your time...I think that everybody understand! Best wishes to you and your family!
    Hugs from Slovenia

  16. Take card sweet friend!!! Hugs! We will miss you!

  17. I do hope all is OK my friend. Enjoy your break..


  18. Hello Dear Wendy
    Just a quick hello and to say that hope you are having a well earned rest and taking care of your sweet family.
    Hope to see you back when you are completely rested.
    Warm loving hugs,


Thank you so much for leaving me a sweet message, I love reading your comments. Hugs and happy day to you! xx Wen