My crea story

If you're new to my creative space or are an old friend visiting me, and you'd like to get to know the person behind AppleApricot a little better, than let me share a bit of my story.

My name is Wen. Like many of you I have a creative desire since childhood. As a child I spent hours and hours drawing and dancing. As a teen, my creativity went into changing my room around at least once a month, ballet classes, drawing lots of flowers on my jeans with my ballpoint when I was bored at school, and the art classes I had there (and which were the only classes that I really really liked!). To be honest, I never finished my projects back then. Not only is that a common thread in my creative life (so many WIPs here!) but I was also too busy helping my fellow students with their work, instead of doing my own work.

My art teacher and my family thought I would go to the art academy. I did go there, to have a look, but then decided it wasn't for me. I was a very insecure and shy girl and thought I could never create art on demand and with such high expectations. And that was it. I started focusing on other things and drifted off.

I did have some creative outbursts once in a while. For example when in the middle of the night I painted a huge dwarf on the kitchen wall of our student home, because I thought the wall was ugly and boring. You know, I could have asked my room mates first. But they were sleeping, right?

But then I accidentally came across some beautiful blogs, filled with scrapbook projects. My creativity started flowing again. I wanted to join a swap I found interesting, and that's how my renewed creative passion and my blog started.

At first the many gorgeous shabby vintage style art works I found on the internet were the ones that inspired me most. And I started making similar things, with lots of lace and old photos. Like these:

I experimented with different mediums, like bark as a canvas:

And digital works, entirely made in Photoshop:

Bookmaking became a fascination, learning how to make my own journals. Photography too.

I also learned how to crochet.
I had already done some embroidery before and took this up again as well.

And I learned a bit of knitting and tatting. Recently I took up making short films too! But what's making me really happy is that I took up drawing and painting again. Because it's then (and with embroidery) that I feel most at home.

It truly makes me happy.

So I started attending an online art school and hope to build a carreer in illustration and fabric design. We'll see how it goes, but for now I'm thoroughly enjoying myself.

Long story short: I love to explore many different media!

What's really important here, is that I found creative friends and teachers online that really helped me get going again. From who I'm learning so much, get so much inspiration and learn new techniques. But most importantly: they teach me how to be brave and happy in art making and life. And that's exactly what I wish for you too!

Well, enough about me.

Thank you so much for showing an interest in my story, it means the world to me!

Wishing you a beautiful day
and sending you happy smiles!