A new series of photo editing tutorials by me

Hello there sweeties,

With great pleasure I'm introducing to you a new series of easy-to-follow-and-do photo editing tutorials that I started today on Our Beautiful World.

Like many of you I usually come home with lots of photos after a wonderful trip to a beautiful place. Impatient to see how my photos turned out, only to see myself being disappointed by the quality. The colours are too dull for example. It looked so much more impressive in real life!

Thank goodness there are free online photo editing programs to help us out!

The first tutorial will help you brighten your photos and give them more depth.

I show you how you get from this...

to this...

in just a few easy steps.

See what I mean?
Just a little bit of editing can make a whole lot of difference.

In this series of tutorials I will use Pixlr Editor, a free online program. Trust me, it looks more impressive than it really is. We will go through it step by step. Today we begin with a relatively easy project. In the series I will then gradually increase the complexity of photo editing. But I will keep the tutorials as clear and easy to follow as possible.

So, head over to Our Beautiful World and join me in photo editing!

xx Wen

Ps: the photo is taken on the Jurrasic Coast in Dorset, UK near the so called Durdle Door.


  1. Hi Wendy, you have made a great tutorial!

  2. Thank you for this! I can use a whole lot of help to get my pictures looking decent so I will definitely be following your series.

  3. Fantastic results Wendy!!


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