Vintage Bride collage

A warm welcome to you, and especially my new followers. I'm really happy to see you here and appreciate your visits and comments very much. Again I'm inspired by the challenge dear Ros of the City Crafters gave us. This week it was all about the use of tulle and text. I made a collage this time.

First, I teared some cardboard of a package of water bottles. Then I added a layer of gesso, tulle and paint. In photoshop I altered a picture of a vintage bride. I think the artist is Earl Christy. It so much looks like his style. But I gave her a different background, which would suit my project better.

I added a piece of text of The Great Gatsby, a vintage picture of an old building, a wedding cake, some lace fabric and lace ribbon with tulle.

Below you see something I thought to be very funny to add. It says "Will not be replaced for any defect." :)

I also made a vintage wedding invitation telegram. "Together with their families, Lauren Stacy and William Grey invite you to join them for an evening of love, laughter and merriment etc etc." Which, of course, is fiction. And I made a bow of lace ribbon, which I think is the most expensive thing of this collage, the rest is budget crafting. Plus a button and an old love letter I found on the internet.

Last but not least, I added flowers in the same colour as the brides wedding bouquet and made a rose out of the lace fabric I also used for the background. And some thingies on the corners of the picture of the bride, which gives the impression of a frame.

Here's the whole collage:

The image of the bride you can find as a freebie HERE.

And oh... by the way, I didn't use the "vintage dunno" of my previous post. I just got stuck and didn't know what to with it. May be for a future project.

Bye ladies, I'm wishing you a wonderful week. See you at your blogs!

xx Wen


  1. Oh they are wonderful dear Wendy, love the blue lovely colours you used, and your found texts are perfect!
    So beautiful.

  2. Jee zeg, wat een mooie kaart weer!!
    Ik blijf er naar kijken en zie steeds weer wat nieuws.
    Mooi gemaakt hoor.
    Lieve groet, Daphne

  3. wat een beeldschone kaart! er is zoveel op te zien!

  4. dit is een hele mooie kaart geworden. De combinatie van het blauw met het kant/tule.

  5. That is GORGEOUS, thanks for playing along with us at CCCB!

  6. Hello Wendy ... this is another adorable creation from you ... I love all the details ... It is a pleasure to visit you ... thank you for playing along at CCCB

  7. OH my goodness Wendy. I am in love with this card.. So many wonderful details. Always love visiting you and seeing your creations..

    Thanks so much for joining us over at CCCB!

  8. Wendy this is lovely, such a pretty blue.

  9. Wat een prachtige collage en wat een mooie details!!

  10. Очень красивая работа! Выше всяких похвал)))

  11. schitterend weer meid, zoveel leuke en mooie details..toppie..Knuf probeer toch is iets verder te komen met je art journal..tis zo leuk :-)

  12. Thank you, dank je wel, спасибо! xx

  13. What a gorgeous creation Wendy! Lovely how you explained all the details on it. Just superb!
    You have a lovely blog (well 2 blogs) and I am so happy to visit! Hugs, June xx

  14. Het is weer een plaatje.Enne je grote bloem is schitterend!


  15. This is just FABULOUS! LOOOOVE the layering! Thanks for joining us at CCCB!

  16. Oooohhh, Wendy, wat een ontzettend prachtige collage! Kwijl!


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